Enjoy the feeling of healthy and sparkling white teeth! We carry only the best toothbrushes to prevent tooth decay and plaque.


Our website offers toothbrushes by popular brands recommended by dentists, such as Curaprox, Swissdent or TePe. Aside from classic toothbrushes of various hardness, we also have specialised toothbrushes for different types of use:

  • Single-bundle toothbrushes: ideal for final cleaning of hard-to-reach areas and places with a greater amount of plaque
  • Toothbrushes for kids: specially designed for small children’s teeth, they often come in lovely colours and with pictures of popular characters to make the brushing more fun
  • Travel toothbrushes: easy to pack and ideal for any type of luggage
  • Bamboo toothbrushes: for everyone who loves nature and enjoys a healthy lifestyle
  • Electric toothbrushes: for even more effective teeth cleaning

How hard should the bristles of your toothbrush be?

  • Soft toothbrushes: suitable mainly for sensitive teeth and gums prone to bleeding
  • Harder toothbrushes: for thorough and effective removal of stains caused by coffee, smoking or certain foods

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