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About Makeup Revolution

Makeup Revolution cosmetics are a true revolution in makeup. The London brand has a broad portfolio of high-quality yet affordable products that will take your breath away. Their luxury eyeshadow?palettes are especially popular, standing out for their pigmentation and bright colour combinations.


Everyone should have at least one Makeup Revolution palette in their makeup collection. The brand also has plenty of other beauty gems in its range. Don’t miss the Makeup Revolution?foundation or the iconic Makeup Revolution concealer, available in numerous versions for virtually every skin tone. What is also important is the brand’s original and playful yet practical product design, which you’re sure to love. Give your makeup true originality and style with Makeup Revolution London!

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Revolution Beauty

It’s more than makeup, it’s a Revolution! Revolution Beauty (formerly Makeup Revolution) has become one of the leading beauty brands, that is known for high-quality makeup with innovative formulations. Explore the wide range of Revolution products at and enjoy beauty products specially tailored for all your needs.?

If you are looking for sophisticated products, try Revolution PRO line. If you are seeking playful makeup to create fun beauty creations, reach for I Heart Revolution! Daytime to nighttime makeup? Makeup Obsession line can do wonders! Need to conceal dark spots and blemishes? Revolution Skincare line is the solution to every skin problem!

About Revolution Beauty

The British beauty brand was founded by Adam Minto and Tom Allsworth in 2013, with a strong brand ethos ‘quality makeup accessible to everyone’, challenging current standards and democratising a beauty industry. Their success has sprung from producing quality makeup products and leveraging influencer audiences on social media. Revolution Beauty celebrates diversity and embraces unique beauty that has many forms and shapes. Their open-minded thinking helps create new formulas of beauty products to embrace natural beauty and hide blemishes that you want to keep hidden. Revolution Beauty products are always PETA-certified cruelty-free and most of them are also vegan.

Revolution Beauty Range

Notino offers a wide range of Revolution Beauty products, it is time to explore all 4 Revolution beauty lines and create the makeup look you’ve always dreamt of. From eye beauty and lips to the skin, everything you desire to look good and feel magnetic! Join the revolution, uncover the most beautiful you and take the world by storm!

Revolution PRO?

The unique collection of high-quality products Revolution PRO offers a range of hero cosmetics for everyone who’s looking for sophisticated products in premium packaging to always look elegant and chic!

  • Revolution PRO Face Beauty - Makeup artist quality products at affordable prices! Equip your makeup bag with professional makeup to camouflage all the skin problems. Enjoy high coverage of Revolution Foundation and? Revolution Concealer perfect for photoshoots, weddings and everyday flawless beauty looks.
  • Revolution PRO Lips - Various textures and many colours. Say hello to beautiful lipsticks that won’t dry out your lips! Revolution lipstick of professional quality simply shouldn’t miss in any makeup bag. Explore the wide collection of warm and cool tones perfect for everyday wear.
  • Revolution PRO Eyes And Eyebrows - Richly pigmented Revolution eyeshadow palettes and eyeliners of astonishing quality! Long-lasting Revolution PRO eyeshadows are easy to blend and thanks to its professional quality these will not crease or fade. The line also offers everything you need for perfect eyebrows, all nicely packed in elegant kits.
  • Revolution PRO Makeup Brushes - From foundation and sculpting to eye makeup and finishing touches, discover a wide selection of Revolution Pro makeup brushes and let your skin be your canvas!?

I Heart Revolution

A playful side of the beauty world lies at your feet! With colourful products and quirky packaging, I Hear Revolution brings fun to every beauty routine. Have fun with your makeup creations inspired by fairy tales, magic and current beauty trends!

  • I Heart Revolution Hair - Vegan and cruelty-free washable hair dye? Yes! Create a unique hair look with all the colours of the rainbow with I Heart Revolution Rainbow Tones.?
  • I Heart Revolution Eyes - Create playful and fun makeup looks to express who you are! Will you choose Makeup Revolution Mermaid Heart eyeshadow palette or you will you fall for a Dragon Heart?
  • I Heart Revolution Face - This collection is everything every little girl dreams of. Beautiful long-lasting bronzers, blushes and highlighters in stunning packagings! Some of these are also vegan, such as I Heart Revolution Chocolate Face Palette.?
  • I Heart Revolution Lips - Mermaid, Dragon, Angel or Unicorn? However you feel today, Makeup Revolution lipstick collection has something for everyone.

Revolution Skincare?

Targeted solutions for every age and skin made with high-quality ingredients? The beauty line Revolution Skincare takes the best care of all your skin problems with its vision: ‘Better skincare. Better makeup.’

  • Revolution Skin Serums and Oils - Whether your skin needs hydration or improve the texture, the Revolution Skincare products will perfect your morning and evening beauty routines!
  • Revolution Face Masks - Every skincare routine needs a good face mask to hydrate, nourish and clean your skin. Feed your face with the great selection of face masks by Revolution Beauty at!
  • Revolution Skin Sprays - Dehydrated dull skin? Nourish it with Revolution skin sprays tailored to hydrate, clean and protect to make it more radiant! Calm and refresh your skin during the day with Revolution Skincare Glycolic Acid Essence and feel relaxed in every situation.
  • Revolution Skin Exfoliators - Clean your skin deep down to rid it of all the dirt from your busy day. Revolution Skin exfoliators help increase blood circulation and remove the dead cells which instantly brightens the dull skin while the skin texture is improved.

Makeup Obsession

A popular feel-good addition to every makeup bag. The Makeup Obsession line combines positive affirmations, trend-led power palettes and social world! Let’s share a love of style and beauty!

  • Makeup Obsession Palettes - Enhance your natural beauty with positivity power palettes. From eyeshadow palettes to face palettes, every product packaging has something to say! Cool Down, Warm up or Be The Game Changer today!
  • Makeup Obsession Lips - Meet your new obsession with Makeup Obsession Lip collections. These long-lasting lip glosses will always put a smile on your face.?
  • Makeup Obsession Face - From primer and concealer to finishing powders and setting sprays. The true obsession begins!

Revolution Beauty Best Sellers

The Revolution Beauty collection has something for everyone. Level up your makeup routine with the most popular products from the Makeup Revolution collection today!

Makeup Revolution Concealer for Women

Makeup Revolution has developed a range of products designed to give your skin a smoother, youthful appearance with even skin tone.? Makeup Revolution Conceal And Define takes care of age spots, redness and lines around the eyes. The liquid is applied using a large applicator to provide you with an even skin tone. If you prefer applying foundation with fingers or sponge, try the Makeup Revolution Cover & Conceal Palette that matches every skin tone, evening the tone and giving you a blemish-free look.

Makeup Revolution for Your Eyes

It is said eyes are the windows to your soul. Eyes can convey happiness, excitement, sadness, every emotion we experience. It makes sense to pay attention to your eyes and to accentuate them according to your current mood. The I Heart Revolution Chocolate palette range will match every your feeling, plus this Makeup Revolution eyeshadow palette is suitable for vegans!

In collaboration with Petra, famous Czech beauty blogger, Makeup Revolution created this fantastic Makeup Revolution palette by Petra that took the beauty world by storm!

The eyeshadow palette features every shade to accentuate your eyes, perfect for all the playful, serious, meaningful, smokey looks you always wanted to create!

Makeup Revolution Foundation

Makeup Revolution foundation is designed to create an even skin tone, hiding blemishes and allowing you to go about your day knowing that your skin is smooth and beautiful. Makeup Revolution Fast Base Foundation Stick provides a range of skin tones to create an even long-lasting coverage for blemish-free skin. For light coverage and evening the skin tone for an everyday look, try Makeup Revolution Conceal & Hydrate lightweight tinted moisturizer that covers minor blemishes and gives your skin a moisturising boost. For high coverage and confidence boost, try the Makeup Revolution Matte Base foundation.

Revolution Makeup Set and Gift Set

Revolution Beauty offers plenty of luxurious makeup sets! Treat yourself or your loved ones to a perfect brush sets and wonderful gift sets that will look gorgeous on every vanity.

Makeup Revolution has everything you need to perfect your look and get the best skincare to feel confident and chic! Join the revolution and share your beauty looks with us!

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