Bath bombs

Fancy a beautiful, relaxing bath? Then you absolutely need to try bath bombs, a product which helps you calm down or even get new energy after a long day. Every bath will become a little ritual of maximum relaxation. Bath bombs smell divine and help you take care of your skin!

Which fragrance to choose?


  • Lavender has a unique and calming scent. We recommend to take a lavender bath before bed time.
  • Rose is the perfect choice if you’re bathing on your own or as a couple. Add a few rose petals, pour yourself some champagne, and let the romance begin.
  • Honey and milk will soothe your mind and relief all stress. Enjoy the sweet scent and the moisturising effect.
  • Chocolate is the right choice for anyone who loves sweets. Treat yourself to a calming bath that stimulates your senses, all in the comfort of your own bathroom.

How to use bath bombs?

  • 1. Let the bomb dissolve in hot water.
  • 2. Enjoy your well-deserved rest in the bathtub.
  • 3. Rinse yourself off with clean water. carries a whole range of colourful bath bombs as well as gorgeous bath bomb sets that are perfect as a gift. Simply choose based on your favourite scent or colour and enjoy their amazing effects.

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